When Should I Buy Bitcoins?

When Should I buy Bitcoins? Now is the time.  They always say that timing is everything.  Wouldn’t you have loved to have Amazon stocks when they first came out into the market?  And what about Apple.  A $5,000 investment into any one of those stocks 10 years ago would make you a millionaire today.  Just let that sink in for a minute.  So again I ask you, when should I buy Bitcoins?

A Financial advisor I know explained it to me this way:

You have in your hands the strategy to become a millionaire in a few years.  But you won’t get there tapping into your packages too soon.  Please don’t be a typical middle-class mentality person.  Now is the time to think like a wealthy person.  You will get there ONLY if you are smart. You can get to several hundred packages sooner than you think, especially if you invite people to join your team. But you do not have to do that.You can create a passive income by just rebuying with your interest you earn back into the bitcoins.  These multiple very quickly.  Unlike the banks who give you interest below 1% and monthly or over a course of several months, your bitcoins will earn interest daily at .75 to 1%.

Bitcoins-Why Should I Buy and How Much Can I Make?  

300 Packages will make you around $174 a day.  And your income will increase every day.  Yeah…you could go crazy withdrawing if you want.  But if you can wait just ONE MORE YEAR, you will have 1805 packages.  That will make you $1,046 a day!!!! Then withdraw $300 a day and rebuy with the rest.  One year later your income will be through the roof and you can give yourself a huge pay raise while still growing your packages in a big way.

Patience is the key to wealth.  But if you start drawing money at 100 packages, you are going to shoot yourself in the foot.  Be smart and be patient.  YOU WILL SUCCEED WITH THIS BIG TIME.

bitcoins why should I investI am sure you are asking right about now, what the hell are packages and what have they to do with bitcoins.  This is how we multiply our income.  We buy packages of bitcoins a little at a time.  And if you do it right, you will be able to rebuy a package daily. This will help you to grow your business very fast.

And today Bitcoins are flying high.  The longer you wait, the more you will regret it.  Estimates have Bitcoins going as high as $27,000 by early next year!  Right now at the time of this writing, they are at $5,300. It’s never too late to catch the train!

Bitcoin’s exploding value: what’s it all about, should I invest – and is it just a bubble?

bitcoins why should I invest

Since its establishment in 2009 the value of Bitcoin has exploded, in the past month alone the value has increased by approximately 70pc.There are several factors behind why it has increased in value;

1) There has been an increase in awareness and demand for the currency. With only 21 million bitcoins ever going to be produced, demand and supply are going to have a major impact on the price of the currency.

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If you don’t think Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency in general, is for real, you haven’t been paying attention. Check out this article from a Harvard academic predicting ONE Bitcoin could be worth as much as $100,000! *(currently $5,300).

Here is another article from a Harvard Academic who is predicting Bitcoins to rise to $100,000 by the year 2021.

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bitcoins why should I invest