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The mobile app business right now is the best place to start. While others are still focused on internet marketing, you’re one step ahead of the game. And weirdly enough, it’s much easier to make money with apps than internet marketing, especially for newbies. There is no time like the present to start your own Mobile App Business.

The premier APPportunity Coaching Program is now open for limited sign-ups today. Take the next 10 minutes to read this letter so that you can be part of this “recent” opportunity – there is so much money to be made with apps.

The fact is, app opportunity is now here, and it’s not stopping.

This Mobile app is not just the FUTURE, it’s the PRESENT.

According to Cisco…

Mobile App

Why Is He Doing This… Has He Lost His Mind To Offer It For Less Than $10?”

Here’s why…

He hates seeing his HARD WORK being wasted. You see, He has spent more than 6 months to learn about the app business and thousands of dollars invested. On top of that, so much work has been poured into recording the video training for the 6-Week APPportunity Coaching Program 2.0.

Because of being involved with too many projects, He doesn’t have time to promote it in 2015. So instead of him keeping it, He would prefer to give away his knowledge for free so that He can contribute to others immensely.

But because he did not update the modules, please note the following:

  1. He does not provide any coaching. He is giving you all of his training as a course for free. If you want his time, He is afraid he will need to charge you for that.
  2. The strategies, ideas, and methods taught are awesome and definitely can help you. And now is a good time to start your Mobile App Business. But some of the tutorials may not reflect the latest websites because as mentioned, I did not update the training. For instance, Apple changed their Developer Member Area, so you may not see the same interface. However, the key concepts and steps are still the same.

With that said, this is the same web page that his students paid $494 to acquire the entire system when you’re getting it for free today…

Here are 3 models you can take a look at:

“Model #1 – Micro-Transactions Business”

You need to learn this “secret” in today’s new commerce economy – micro-transactions.

It simply means this, people are happily spending the $0.99’s and $1.99’s all day long, regardless of whether there’s a recession or not. When is comes to .99 and 1.99, people don’t think about spending money for a mobile app.  But believe me, it really adds up.

Obviously, those who can “predict” the future are going to make fortunes for themselves. I mean, you’ve heard stories of marketers who make $100,000 from this opportunity alone.

The proof is already in our faces. And the truth is, it’s happening so fast.

But the good news is it’s not too late for you to be a part of this “Internet reborn”.
It’s like getting to start all over again at the ground floor opportunity – having the “second chance” to make it big. This time, it’s yours to take.  Get started today with your own Mobile App Business.

“Model #2 – Free Mobile App Business”

Sometimes you wonder – how do these apps and games make so much money when they’re 100% free?

Money from advertisers.

I couldn’t think of a better business model where EVERYONE is happy – the user gets to use the useful apps or play the fun game for free, the developer makes money from the advertisers and the advertisers get to promote their offers and products.

Actually, my game app adopts the same strategy to make money.

And I just LOVE it. I can literally make money while giving away apps for free.

Do you know that you can be making as much as $1.50 when someone downloads the advertiser’s app for free? I don’t even need to sell my own app.

Imagine if you just have 10,000 app downloads and within your app, you’re “sharing” the advertiser’s app. That’s the EASIEST way to making thousands every month. My students get hundreds of thousands of app downloads – imagine how much money you could be made by “giving away” apps for free.

How about $200 – $400 per day? Here’s one of our students who’s making that…

“Model #3 – Database Business”

The currency for mobile business is the “app downloads”. And interestingly, it’s amazingly easy to get users to download your apps for free.

The big money is in the app downloads. Just think – Facebook and Google bought Instagram and Waze for a billion dollar each when both of these apps aren’t making millions of dollars. It’s the database.

Just imagine if your app was lucky to catch on the trend and somehow exploded overnight. It’s time to cash out. There’s where you’ll be making MILLIONS without trying so hard to monetize it.

Maybe you don’t make a billion. Or multi-millions.

But dude, I’m fine if I can make a million or even “as little” as $200,000. I mean, wouldn’t that be good enough for starting an app business part-time, which grow on its own without hard work?

A friend of mine is a broker for app business. I took this listing from him, of apps sold…

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